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2015 Summary

Miranda and I hiked the High Divide Trail w/our brother-in-law Mark. We welcomed a new nibling to the family (Rosalind Jane Farrar), and the Littes moved back to WA! I cannot explain how excited that makes me. I will finally be able to see my sister, brother-in-law, and niblings more often! I also sold my last major worldly possesion in 2015 - my 2008 Legacy Spec-B. I bought it in 2010 w/~33K miles, and sold it five years later w/~45K miles; you could say that I did not drive it a lot.

2013 Summary

I sold two of my three major worldly posessions this year - my 2006 Suzuki SV650 and my first-ever house on Ashworth Ave! Also, in the summer of 2013, I married the woman of my dreams. My ring is engraved with the geo-coordinates of the place we met, and she has a rhyme to remember the time. ;) MJH to MJB, 07-27-13

2012 Summary

So much has happened this year! I got engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world! I moved from N. Seattle to S. Seattle w/Miranda. And, hot damn, I posted my house for sale! AND AND AND as of one day after that, I have two full price offers. PINCH ME In lesser news, over the summer I quit my job with Facilities Services and started a new job with UW-IT.

2011 Summary

2011 was quite an improvement over 2010, to put it mildly. I visited the Little family in DC twice, met Miranda (my wonderful girlfriend), rode from Seattle to Portland in one day on my bicycle, bought a motorcycle, and watched/attended more sporting events and visited more breweries than I have in my entire life combined… Phew! What. A. Year! Possibly the best thing to happen to me all year happened on April 17th… that’s the day that I met Miranda at the 72nd Street Cafe near Green Lake.

2010 Summary

2010, at least initially, was a rough year for me: I was unhappy with my job, my sister and her family moved away to Virginia, I broke up with my long-term girlfriend, I was trapped in Seattle without a car, and the kittens were acting out. On a happier note … I’ve got a few interesting projects at work, I’ve been out to visit Nikita once already with another trip scheduled in a few weeks, I bought a new car (2008 Legacy Spec-B), and I’ve been doing a lot more with friends (new and old) the last couple months.

2009 Summary

I BOUGHT A HOUSE Oh, and Caryolnn moved out. le sigh Oh, and I sold my 1991 Mustang. Oh, and I (re)met Chris and Adriana… people I met on the bus in Federal Way. Hopefully 2010 is less of a rollercoaster.

2008 Summary

Moved to Federal Way, WA w/Carolynn, though I still feel isolated from friends. :( I am still saving for a house, an although I have a job… it still seems unobtainable. Oh, oh, oh! What I did obtained was two totally adorable kittens - Domino and Cali. Other than that, not a lot else happened. le sigh Hopefully 2009 is the year things turn around for me!