This document is a work-in-progress; it will never be complete nor 100% accurate.

My homelab journey started back in 2009 with a ReadyNAS and my home automation journey started in 2013 with Arduino Nanos.

I have lots of experience, but will never consider myself an expert; there is always something to learn about!


3D Printers

  • Prusa MK4
  • Prusa Mini+
  • Prusa MK2S (Shared)

CNC Machines

  • YoraHome Mandril


  • R86S - Opnsense router w/10G SFP+ and three 2.5Gbe
  • QNAP QSW-M2116P-2T2S - Multi-gig switch with two 10G SFP+/10Gbe, and the remainder are 2.5Gbe
  • GWB7664 - Wifi 6 Access Point


Primary/General Hypervisor

Runs the clusters, NAS, and virtual workstation.

  • Intel Core i7-13700 - Built-in iGPU
  • AsrockRack W680D4U-2•2T - Built-in 10Gbe
  • 64GB DDR5 ECC
  • Proxmox Hypervisor

Stratum 1 PTP/NTP Server

  • Raspberry Pi CM4
  • Waveshare PoE Carrier board
  • UBlox LEA-M8T concurrent GNSS receiver




  • K3S - Kubernetes is so hot right now.
  • Traefik - a http load balancer, obtains certificates (both external and internal) from Let’s Encrypt, managed via labels within the stack definition.
  • Wireguard - a secure connection into my home network.
  • ArgoCD - continuous deployment of my homelab
  • Mosquitto - a publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol
  • Home Assistant - a home automation software hub
  • Grafana - a data-visualization tool; draws pretty charts and graphs from the data within Influx
  • ESPHome - a sensor framework for ESP8266 and ESP32 micro-controllers; I use it for most of my other custom IoT devices like my thermostat actuator, garage door actuator, fireplace actuator, etc.
  • InfluxDB - a time-series datastore; Home Assistant publishes sensor changes into Influx
  • PostgreSQL - a relational database that houses data for Miniflux and Home Assistant.
  • Actual - budgeting software; once Actual has a mobile interface I’m bailing on YNAB.
  • Kopia - automated backups
  • Miniflux - an opinionated RSS feed reader; replaced Feedly and Google Reader before that.
  • ZWave2MQTT - Manages the zwave network.
  • Zigbee2MQTT - Manages the zigbee network.
  • Plex - media streaming with hardware transcoding.
  • Jellyfin - open-source media stream; still has a long way to go to be better than Plex.