I own a pair of Sony Gold Wireless Headphones. I bought them to appease my wife while playing video games on the PS4, but I’ve found many other uses for them: ear protection, conference calls, watching movies late at night, etc.

Overall the headphones are great and get good reviews. In fact, the main complaint that I see is that the headband has a tendency to break at one of the joints! Thankfully that’s something I’ve yet to experience.

What I have experienced though is the ear pieces disintegrating. I cannot tell you how often my wife was finding bits of black ear piece stuck to my face. 😕 Why are they crumbling, you might ask? I have no idea. Theories online suggest things like bad batches of ear pieces, beard stubble, or UV light damage.

Replacing the Ear Pieces

Replacing the ear pieces is dead simple and replacement parts can be found on online stores like Amazon or EBay.

The ear pieces simply twist off; one clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. If you’re more of a visual person, I recommend checking out this Ear Piece Replacement video.

Replacing the Battery

The battery life of my headphones, while not amazing, is adequate. I have not attempted to replace the battery, but I wanted to make note of it for future reference.

The battery exists in the right earpiece; remove the foam piece and three screws to get to it.

I found that someone discovered that a bigger battery will fit inside the earpiece with just a bit of modification; checkout this Battery Upgrade video for instructions.