A few things worth mentioning from my life in 2015.

The High Divide Trail

Miranda and I hiked the High Divide Trail w/our brother-in-law Mark, which is an 18 mile loop in the Olympic National Park. It wasn’t an easy hike, but my goodness it was beautiful.

2015 Summary


We welcomed a new nibling to the family (Rosalind Jane Farrar), and the Littles moved back to WA! I cannot explain how excited that makes me. I will finally be able to see my sister, brother-in-law, and niblings more often!

Buhbye Spec-B

I also sold my last major worldly possesion in 2015 - my 2008 Legacy Spec-B. I bought it in 2010 w/~33K miles and sold it five years later w/~45K miles. You might say that I did not drive it a lot. heh. I don’t see the point in keeping something I’m not using, so off it goes!