A few things worth mentioning from my life in 2018…

  • Family Addition - In February, we welcomed the newest member of our family: Scrambles. She’s an older (10 years-ish), floofy, maine coon and she brings us a ton of joy; we love that kitteh. Scrambles; Day One We “rescued” Scrambles from a situation that was stressing her out by providing her a calm, loving home. I’ve gotta say, I think that she likes us 😸 Scrambles; Day 180+ Scrambles; Day 180+ It only took a few years, but I finally wore Miranda down with all those cute kitty gifs. 😻

  • New Job - I quit my job with University Services in April and started a new position with the Enterprise Data Warehouse. It wasn’t a secret; I’ve been unofficially on their team since November 2017. They’re a good group of people that have created a really valuable product at UW.
    I have to admit that the job isn’t quite what I have the skills to do, but I do hope to learn a lot!

  • New Job - REMIX - AHEM. I quit my job with the Enterprise Data Warehouse in November and started a new position with the Enterprise Web-Services and Events. I really liked working with the EDW, but I just didn’t feel good at the job.
    I feel bad – I really liked the people on my (former) team, but I just didn’t feel good about the work that I was doing.
    Overall, working with the EWSE group should be a better fit for me. At least that’s the hope…
    Honestly, I’ve been at UW a long time. On one hand, I know that I could make more money elsewhere, but on the other hand, I know that I’d work a lot more. Part of me does wonder if I might be happier elsewhere. Hmmm?

  • NYC (Redux) + Philadelphia - Two of our good friends moved to Brooklyn over the summer. While we were very sad to see them go, we were happy for their new adventures. It also happened to give us a good excuse to visit NYC again; we rescheduled our tentative plans to New Orleans in order to visit NYC again instead. The timing worked out such that we were able to visit for Adriana’s birthday. Woot woot.