A few things worth mentioning from my life in 2021.


We bought a house in Bellingham, WA!

Welcome to Bellingham

I look forward to exploring all that Bellingham and Whatcom county have to offer. It’ll certainly be a change of pace from Seattle/King County.

2021 New House Who Dis?

Also sold our Seattle townhome. Goodbye, Seattle! Seattle will always hold a special place in my heart; I lived there for eighteen years. But it’s not the same place that I once loved. While I think the whole “Seattle is Dying” is mostly nonsense, for me personally, Seattle has lost its luster. And the pandemic only served to highlight all that is broken in Seattle.

For now, we’re taking a gamble on Bellingham. It really is a gamble. We wanted to leave Seattle, but neither of us is officially approved to move that far away from our jobs. But it’s time for remote work to become “a thing”.

Only time will tell…

New Job

I quit my job at the Univeristy of Washington, after nearly fifteen years and roughly seven different roles. What a ride! A lot has changed at UW over the last five to eight years. This job change has been a long time coming.

In April I started a new job at Stash which is a fintech company based out of NYC. It’s a fully-remote job; I no longer need to worry about being called back into the office.

Me in my Stash swag

I won’t write more; I don’t want to run afoul of the social media guidelines. But I’m enjoying the work and my team so far!

COVID19 - Round Two

COVID-19 is not only still around and more infectious than ever. As I write this the Omicron variant is slowly becoming the dominant variant. One has to wonder if this is ever going to end.

Honestly, I’m really saddened by how our country has handled the pandemic. How public health has somehow become a devisive and political issue.