A few things worth mentioning from my life in 2022.


We bought a house in Renton, WA!

Welcome to Renton, WA

While I’d still say that our move to Bellingham “paid off”, it didn’t go quite as planned. Why’d we decide to move back?

*gestures broadly to everything happening in early 2022*

The future of remote work for Miranda was incredibly uncertain, economic uncertainties, the looming recession, rising interest rates, etc. They all contributed to the decision to move back to the central pudget sound region. We chose Renton, because if we’re going to move back partially due to a “return to the office” requirement then we might as well be close to the office!

2022 New House Who Dis?

We also became land barons in 2022. We tried to sell the Bellingham house just as the market crashed. Had we tried to sell a month or two earilier, we’d be sitting pretty. But as with many things, sometimes the thing that you want to happen isn’t the right thing.

It’d be impossible to buy property, build an ADU, etc for as cheap as we got the Bellingham house. Maybe being landbarons will work out in the end!

Goodbye to Our Furry Friend

We sadly had to say goodbye to Scrambles in 2022. In short: She was suffering with a buldging disc in her spine, was too old for surgery, and none of the recommended medications were helping her without causing additional complications. In the end, and despite not wanting to, we knew it was time to say goodbye to our sweet old lady.

<3 Scrambles

Our sweet little floofy friend, thank you for being a part of our lives. We are going to miss you, your silly antics, your cuddles/meows/purrs, and your floof everywhere.

You will always be in our minds and in our hearts.

We love you Scrambles. ❤️

We’ll always have our memories and her instagram account.