A few things worth mentioning from my life in 2023.

Staying in One Spot

Unlike the last few years, we didn’t move in 2023. 😂

Primarily because Miranda said she would murder me if I suggested it. Secondarily because Mason & Sophie would be confuzzled by the change. Thirdly because all the uncertainty that caused us to move in 2022 was still a thing in 2023. 🔮

Turning 40

I turned 40 in 2023. Another big milestone on the road of life. 🎉 I also happened to be in London, England – my favorite city in the world – visiting friends.

London Baby

For those of you keeping track (and who isn’t?!) that’s two age-related milestones I’ve experienced while in London. While studying abroad in college, I turned 21 in London as well.

10 Year Anniversary

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year. 💒🍰

Ten Years Together

Miranda is my favorite person in the whole world. Exploring the world, brewery hopping, moving, adopting kittens, and day-to-day life, there’s nobody I’d rather spend my life with than her.

For whatever reason she’s still hanging around [narrator: it’s the kittens], I’ll take it. 💑